How We Almost Missed It

I honestly don't know where or how to start... so I'll just jump in and get to it.

Most people don't know that when we first candidated at Marlbrook that we first turned the "offer" down after being voted in. God didn't give us peace at that time and it was almost like we were "breaking up" with the people there. Ya know what I mean?? We had been to the church several times, Larry more than I had, and we just automatically fell in love with the people there. I just can't explain it, they're just.... different (in a VERY good way). But after we turned them down we just kept praying about where the Lord would have us go. We had several other churches contact Larry about coming and candidating but didn't have peace about going there either.

Then the Lord just kept bring Marlbrook back to our minds and hearts. We didn't know why He was but we just kept praying about it. To make the long story short, we went back on a Sunday night (in January) and candidated again and they "revoted" us in.

Now, I was REALLY excited. But it wasn't until we had our first service this past Sunday that I was ABOSOLUTELY POSITIVELY THRILLED to death that God gave us peace. The children got up and sang a special (3 sweet little songs) and I just sat there with tears streaming down my face thinking "wow, and to think we almost missed out on this". The kids were singing "It's through the Blood". It's only through the blood that Christ shed for us that we can have eternal life.

What are we really here for on earth? I had gotten tired of the hustle and bustle of life, I wasn't enjoying my little family or the ministry like I always thought I should because our life was full of "doing, doing doing" and finally now as we are here in Raphine, VA we are finally getting to serve the Lord full of overflowing joy... like I always thought it should be. Life is sweet here. I can't fully explain how, you just have to come see it for yourself. Our door is ALWAYS open to our friends and family. My mom asked me the other day when was a good time for them to come, I said "anytime, any day" we have the time, if there's something going on here, it's ok, they can still come and enjoy doing whatever we are doing with us.

Each morning we wake up to the beautiful mountains behind our house. Speechless just speechless people. I love my house, yes I live in a HOUSE. BIG SIGH HERE. As I fix it up, I promise to post pictures. It's just PERFECT.

I could go on and on and on. In the days ahead, I'm sure I will. I won't apologize either because God has been SO incredibly good to us, I just have to brag on HIM- not us. For over 2 years we have prayed about where God would have us go and serve and all along, He knew just the place that we needed.


Sara said...

That's so awesome Kara! It feels so good to be at the place God wants us to be. I see you guys have moved out in the "country" :) We ourselves moved out into the county away from all the busyness and I have to say it does do something to you. Within 6 months we moved, met a whole new group of friends, changed churches and have gotten so involved with the church as well. And to think that I was fighting God on moving away from the city. It just proves that when we follow where He leads, His blessings will surely follow. Happy for you guys and can't wait to see the pics of the house :)