Celebrating this Special Mother's Day

This year we celebrated my first Mother's Day! I was definitely spoiled. My parents and Kenneth came in for a short weekend since we were having baby dedication as well. Samantha, we miss you :)

Saturday we had our Mother/Daughter banquet and here we are getting ready to head over to it.

  Mariah with her Nonna & Poppa on Sunday morning!

Here we are dedicating our little Mariah to the Lord. Yes she wore two different outfits yesterday LOL. The one we dedicated her in was one that my Grandmother made and gave to me at my baby shower! I was so excited that it fit her just right!!

I know I should write more but I'm honestly pooped. I feel like I have spent 15 hours trying to upload these pictures. For some reason my computer has been a booger the past 2 days and I'm close to pitching it out the window! Seriously, we had wonderful weekend! My parents had to head back yesterday afternoon and so did my bro. It was a short trip but they will be back for our Missions Conference in a couple of weeks! Time is just flying by, it's unbelievable! My first Mother's Day was SO special and I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to be a mother. I know there are thousands of women who aren't able to have children and I count it a blessing to be able to celebrate being a mother. I know it's one of the greatest gifts God has given to us as women. 

BTW, our duet went great, I only came close to crying twice but made it through! Makayla did such an awesome job, I was SO proud of her!


Sara said...

I didn't know you could sing!