She's 7 Months Old!

I look back at her pictures of when she was just a tiny little 6lb baby and I can't believe how much she has grown in the past 7 months. I stop and think how wonderful my God is and how He allows her to grow so big and so healthy. We enjoy watching her learn new things, make new noises with her mouth in which I lost that battle in trying to get her to say "ma ma" first. Yesterday I was at a store and she said "da da". Unbelievable! She laughs at me all the time when I say "ma ma" you would think she would "want" to say it! That's ok, she's def a momma's girl so her saying "da da" first I'm sure meant a lot to Larry.

Things are picking up here in Raphine. We have our Mother/Daughter banquet this Saturday. Sunday we have baby dedication in which we will be dedicating Mariah. My grandmother made her a dress and gave it to me at my shower and that's what she's going to wear! I'm very excited, it'll be so special in many ways. A little girl in our church and I will be singing a song that I sang as a little girl with an older woman-"Cherish the Moment". I'm hoping I can only make it through without crying. The fact that God has given her to us for a short time to raise, teach her about Him and show her that life isn't about her, it's about our Saviour just amazes me. If we could afford it, I would have 20 kids LOL... but I'm not:) When you step back and see how God can use children from such a young age, it's very special. The Bible teaches us how important children are, they were to Him and still are. 

There are so many things here we cannot wait to have Mariah learn to do and our future kids. From visiting the elderly in the assisted living facility (which is owned by someone in our church), or going with us to visit someone who just may be hurting from losing a loved one and bring them a small picture or snack that she has made. Teaching our children to Love God, Love Others and Reach the World is what we are here on earth to do.

Life is busy, I will admit that, but it's just a different busy. It's the busy life that we have longed for since we were married (for Larry even longer). We see every day different ways He is blessing us, whether they be big or small. His blessings are continual and we are grateful.