What I Have Become

A Complete Napping Nazi or Whatever you wanna call it. 

I do my best not to complain  on here because besides the fact that it's WRONG I don't think it's fun for other people to constantly read complaining posts so this one isn't complaining it's more like a laughing matter... or one day it will be:)

The way our house is set up is it's all hardwoods in the bedrooms upstairs, the hallways and living room. There's tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. I found some rugs that would help keep the noise down when walking through the halls but when your dog decides to PEE on the hallway rug, well that does no good when it's outside drying after you had to take the time to clean it. 

Larry has a, let's just say a VERY heavy foot when walking through the halls, my dogs go nuts every time they "think" they see someone outside, and when the mail lady has something for me to sign off on, she drives right up to the door, honks the horn until I come out, which in turn makes the dogs bark. Would you be able to sleep through all of that?

Hold on... I have to get Mariah out of bed, she just got woken up from her nap...no joke.

Here's why I am such a freak about her napping. We go about every evening to either a ballgame of one of the kid's in our church, out to eat with someone or over to someone's house. I LOVE visiting people and getting to know them in a different setting besides church. I feel like you can get to know your church people so much better outside of the church and really get to know them and their heart for the Lord. Well, it's a little hard when you're sitting there trying to hold a overly-tired baby and at the same time watch the kid's game or carry on a conversation with them. So I try to have her take good naps during the day so that our evenings are about the people we go visit, not about us or Mariah. Yes it is healthy for her to take good naps but on top of that, it's about people all around us. 

So that's why. So there are times where I have to stop and remember that God knows how I feel, even if it's something so small as a nap, God cares and I just have to put it in His hands and not fret over it.

My little 6lb. 2oz. girl is growing up! We'll be celebrating her 7 months birthday next week. Wow! And I have her 6 month appt. on Thursday... a little behind would ya say??


The Vernon's said...

Oh my gosh, Kara.. I was (and am) the same way!! Nap time is SO important... for her but mostly for me! And my husband is so heavy-footed too... but thankfully Aubrey sleeps through it (sometimes).

Do you have a noisemaker in Mariah's room? We have the ocean playing whenever Aubrey is sleeping, because we live on a (slightly) busy road... lots of trucks and motorcycles. It helps to block out all the excess noise.