Cow Appreciation

There's been something wrong with blogger and while I have typed a new post several times, it wouldn't post. So it's been over a month since I have posted and SOOO much has gone on! First of all, we celebrated Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A yesterday-it was fun! I couldn't wait until I had a little one to do this with. Previously with it being just me and Larry it wasn't fun but oh was it last night!

All of our shirts matched:) Front and back.

Yesterday Mariah had her 9 month appt. She weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs and 28 inches long! She's a biggin:) While we were there she got her little ears pierced!! We were going to do it at 6 months but her doctor told us we had to bring the kit in and so we just waited until her next appt. and he did it. She did really well and didn't flinch when she had them done thanks to the numbing cream Loretta told me about!

Larry went to camp with the teens this past week. I was going to go but since I'm still nursing I decided it would be better to just stay home. It was nice catching up on a few things while he was gone. 

My BFF Loretta and her two sweet kiddos came. Her little Liam is 7 weeks old! We didn't get a picture with them because well... we stayed in our pj's the whole time she was here which was SO nice! 

I took some pics while they were here and here's just a couple for you to see.

 On July 8 we celebrated our 6th anniversary!!! Larry surprised me and took me out on the Friday before our anniversary. He told me to be ready to go in to town to run a few errands so just for fun I dressed me and Mariah in matching outfits. Then I heard Sierra barking at the door like someone was there, well she was barking at our babysitter! My friend Jo had come over and she watched Mariah while we went to eat. I really wasn't expecting anything since we were trying to get Larry ready for camp and stuff but he took me to this fancy restaurant in downtown Staunton and the presentation of our food was beautiful. I didn't want to eat it! We then went for ice cream and he then gave me a charm for my bracelet. Back for Mother's Day he gave me a charm bracelet (like the Pandora one:) so for our anniversary he gave me a cake charm! He then surprised me with telling me I was getting a Mac laptop!!! WOO-HOO!!! So I have 3 laptops around this house but I tend to be a little rough on them... maybe?! LOL 

Unfortunately we didn't take any pics that night:(
Another "anniversary gift" was milking a goat. I have ALWAYS wanted to milk a goat or a cow. So we went over to a family's house in our church, the Grant's who are just out of this world SWEET people:) and visited with them and I milked a goat!

That same day our little Mariah turned 9 months!!! Unbelievable! Am I ready for another one? Not quite!

Then we celebrated July 4th with my family. Or maybe a couple of days before that! We went and watched fireworks after church with people in the church and Mariah wasn't a huge fan so she sat in the car with daddy and she did just fine after that. 

I did want to take pics of her first July 4h. She had 5-YES 5 outfits so I had to pick a few to take her pics in. Mariah and I went over to a mill down the road from us and I snapped a few.

We then had a awesome week of VBS and the week ended with a big storm in which we lost power for 2 days but thankfully we were able to find a generator and hooked that bad boy up and had power!

Ok so that's as far back as I can go right now...I'm tired of thinking! Now that blogger is back to normal, I'll be posting a lot more often!!!


Daniel and Sara said...

Her tutu is precious!...Happy Anniversary! I love my macbook! You'll never want any other brand again!

Anonymous said...


Love reading your blog and adventures in parenting. Think you were a smart mommy for having your dd's ears pierced now. She looks adorable with her cute little earrings. Want to have our six month dd's ears pierced and my mom who is a nurse said she would do it. Wondering where you found an ear piercing kit used by your ped. Would welcome any tips or suggestions to make it a good experience for us. Any info on the numbing cream from your friend would be welcome.

Please write me if you have a chance.