Weekends and Such

DISCLAIMER on this photo (taken last Sunday): Shamefully I admit I have gone my longest EVER in my life (since I was the age of 13) without having my hair done. Yesterday!!! I finally got it done. We have a girl in our church who owns a salon so I was able to get away and get it done... oh how much better it feels!!! So yes in this picture I have about 4-5 inch roots-that's 6 months worth! UGH!

FINALLY converted to A MAC (I feel like I'm cheating on my poor DELL)
I'm coming to you live from my MAC Larry bought me for our anniversary:) I'm still getting use to it. I only knew a little bit of how to work it from using Larry's here and there. I told Larry I would never get one because I couldn't figure out how to work his... well did I eat my words! I think he bought me one so I would stay off of his LOL! Honestly I wasn't on his much, it was only when mine was downstairs and his was upstairs and I just needed to look up something really quick, I didn't want to have to go downstairs and get mine! Lazy, yea I know. I feel like I run the stairs 100 times a day... well I do at least 10 times a day from my workout:)

So our weekends have been packed! We went to NOVA last weekend. We took a group from the church to the Nationals/Braves game. I got to see a few people... one of my favorite being my little Jonah man. Love him. Miss him. He's grown SO much! But.... Mariah is 5 lbs heavier than him!! NO JOKE. I was supposed to go to the game but ended up not going at the last minute so I got to see some sweet people, one being my neighbor. She had a little girl 3 months older than Mariah. I was sad when we were moving because we had just gotten to know them. So I had to stop by and see them. Miss you Sherry:):)

I also got to see some other people from our previous church. Such sweet times. Then Samantha, Mariah and I went to a yummy restaurant and headed back to her apartment until the guys got back from the game. We got back home around 3 am and slept the whole next day... well until about noon.

Last night the youth group had their all-nighter. We try to go to as many of the youth activities as possible. We love our kids and want to show them support. We believe the youth need to see their pastor involved in their lives too along with the rest of the congregation...and well we just enjoy the youth! They started our bowling then had different activities every hour through out the night. Mariah and I left around 9:30 and headed to Walmart then home. Larry got home around 1am then got back up at 5 am to finish out the all-nighter with them! Next week we'll be heading to PA to go and see Site and Sound with the youth. I haven't ever been to PA so that'll be all new for me! I hear they have good food:):)

Our garden is exploding!! I NEED to take an updated picture. You wouldn't believe it. Everything is in, we've been busy canning stuff and making jelly! I googled how to make jelly when Larry was gone to camp and made tons of black berry jelly! It's yummy. We have corn, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, lettuce, carrots, onions, cantelope, watermelon, green peppers, tomatoes squash, and cucumbers! I think that's it. I really enjoy having a garden. Next year we'll make it a little bigger so things can be more spread out.

We just continue to enjoy our life here each and every day. I know I say that every time I blog but I just can't help but praise the Lord for how He brought us here. He's using us in reaching people, seeing people saved and growing in the Lord. We thank God for His every day blessings. We are enjoying the time we have to spend with Mariah. She's is just SO fun...before we moved here I wanted 3 kids and now I think I want 4. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Raising them to serve Him is our ultimate goal as parents. 


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