Party, Party

My brain is SO tired. I have never liked parties-ok maybe I use to like planning parties but now I have realized that I'm not a party person. Good thing Mariah turns 1 only once in her lifetime. We are not big parties for every birthday kinda people. Sorry, I'm just not that way. I would rather invest that money into their college fund. Yes we have already set Mariah's college fund up and I have to say, for a almost 10 month old baby, she's LOADED!

So I've been working on Mariah's birthday party. It's either going to be here or at my parents house-depending on when Larry's bike century is going to be. It's so hard to believe my little lady is turning one in just 2 short months. 

I got to photograph this sweet little baby boy last week. This is little Landon. He is 8 weeks old and such a precious little baby. His dad was our summer intern and they are now moving to TN where he'll go to college to study youth ministries. We are going to miss Jordan, Brooke and little Landon but are so excited about this opportunity they have to go study at Crown college!


Daniel and Sara said...

He is precious! Such an exciting time for his family! Daniel graduated from Crown in '07 with his degree in youth ministry!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pinterest!!!