10 months & 100 lbs

Only 2 months away from being a year old, I try to remember when she was just a tiny little things and those days are SO hard to remember. I guess I was still having pregnancy brain back then, or maybe it's my memory issue caused by thyroid... who knows. But I thank the Lord for allowing us to have 10 wonderful, sweet months with this sweet thing. Each day we have with her is a blessing from the Lord. I just can't help but think how special children are and why would we stop at just ONE?? 

Happy sweet 10 months my sweet little lady. 

Her second word is "dog"... still holding our for "ma-ma"

100 Pounds
I have finally reached my goal that I wanted to be down at. Now before you roll your eyes :)... this is the weight that I'm comfortable with and yes I DO EAT. We just got back from Chick-fil-A as a matter of fact! This isn't my pre-pregnancy weight, I've been at that for quite some time, but
 I have always just felt better at this number. 

It can be done, I'm proof (and I even have thyroid problems, NO not the kind that you lose too much weight, in fact the exact opposite)-you gotta work hard at it. I've been running every day for 45 mins, running the stairs and other exercises. In all it takes me a little over an hour. Larry laughs when I say "run" because I don't have any good place really to run like I did in NOVA, so I run in place in front of the TV while Mariah plays on the floor. 

Discipline... it takes PURE discipline. It's hard, and yes I know I only have one child so I'm not as busy as other moms out there but when it comes right down to it, it's discipline. 

Larry has been an inspiration... he's been training for his second bike century and he's riding 2-3 hours almost every day. I have NO excuse!
Now I'm going to go eat me a donut... HAHA JUST KIDDING. 


ttate53787 said...

Girlfriend you are just too funny! When I come on here it makes me miss you all soooo bad!!!