The Complaining is Killing Me!

I am just amazed at the people who complain about their children on Facebook. It takes everything in my power to not type a comment under their post about how bad their children are, or how hard of a day they have had with their kids.

I KNOW being a parent is hard even if I only have one child. But then I remember that there are SO many women out there who would do anything to have a bad day or hear them crying with a child of their own who aren't able too. I am amazed at the percentage of women who aren't able to have children but who want them so bad. In our previous church I knew of 4 different couples who weren't able to conceive on their own and have a child. So when Mariah is fussy and being a little booger, and when I get frustrated I immediately STOP and thank the Lord that He alone has even allowed me to be Mariah's mom. Hey, we were all once that age and I'm sure we weren't perfect little babies who never cried, argued, complained, and fought with their siblings, right? 

Children are SUCH a blessing from the Lord. Remember next time you want to post a complaint about your children that God chose YOU to parent your children and that at any moment they can be taken away from you, cherish every minute you have with them. I'm sure you have AT LEAST ONE friend  who would love to take your place, I know I do!


Sara said...

I completely agree and have to be reminded of that too. However , raising kids is hard work and there are days that are harder then others. I know that I have cried out to God so many times for His strength and can only get by with His help. But I agree that we should definitely be thankful for our children and should be careful how we react with words to our kids, especially on FB. We just need to reach out to those people and encourage them that they are doing a good job. They may just need an outlet and an encouraging words from a friend.

Anonymous said...

I feel like everybody is complaining about everything these days. I was reading about home direct complaints and it just made me shake my head. I think people just want to be heard. I am not the kind of person to complain about anything. I don't have kids but if I did I definitely wouldn't be complaining about them especially on the internet.

Mike Cornelia said...

I also completely agree. The complaining is something that is apart of raising the kids. Some home direct amazon should make you feel better.