Now that we have Patch the Pirate playing in our car a lot of the times, I always have the songs going through my head and sometimes it's a little annoying but when I stop and think about the words to some of the songs, it reminds me of how simple yet so true they are! 

I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS get asked the question by everybody who sees Mariah in Walmart, restaurants, and everywhere else "how do you keep that bow on her head?" My response is "well ever since she was 1 minute old she's been wearing them (before I even laid eyes on her, Larry put one on her head) so she's pretty much use to them! And that is true, but also I've taught her from the first time she tried to pull them off that she's not supposed to touch her bow. It's a simple little thing, it's not something she HAS to wear but I do want her to wear them and also at the same time, learn obedience.-it can be taught starting VERY early in life!

Here's her first picture, before I even laid eyes on her... and yes wearing a flower!

That song that a lot of ya'll know "Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe" (not sure of the exact title) oh how true that is. I love God's many promises in the Bible He gives us but one of my favorite ones is  Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". That's a loaded verse, a lot of responsibility falls into the hands of us as parents. 

So we don't do (and we won't) the "I'm going to count to three before"-and you fill in the blank. It's obey the first time and right away. There may come a time where something is going to happen and she doesn't have 3 seconds to obey! Every parent has their own way of raising their children but I know that if we follow God's Word in raising them for His honor and glory, then we will see how true His promise is.

If you're a little discouraged, weary and tired from all the hard work that goes into being a parent, remember Proverbs 22:6. With God's strength, you can be the best parent He wants you to be! He didn't promise it would be easy, but oh how rewarding it will be one day when your child(ren) are grown and gone and serving Him.Whether it's in ministry or an every day job, either way He's called them to be a light where He has placed them.

Look who's gonna be ONE VERY SOON!


Jennifer said...

Have you read the book "Train up a Child" By Michael Pearl? I think that you would love it if you haven't.