Savor Those Little Moments

This weekend I along with some girls in our church got to go to a ladies' conference hosted by a church that Marlbrook helped plant years ago. We had a great time, there was such a great turnout. I enjoyed the two speakers they had and the music. One of the speakers had a 21 year old daughter and they sang together. As they sang this song (I'm sorry I TOTALLY forgot the name of it) they had on the projector    the video of them singing it 12 years ago when her daughter was just a little girl. OH. MY.GOODNESS. I couldn't hold back the tears because I know that's gonna one day be me and Mariah (I'm praying she'll want to use her voice for the Lord). I'm going to blink and my little Mariah will be 21 years old! Anyways, this was the first time I had been away from Mariah for this long. Last night it went from 6 until 10 and by time I got home, Mariah was already in bed:( I thought she would wait up for me (especially since I'm still the "milk wagon" but she couldn't stay awake any longer. Larry sent me this cute little video of her trying to stay awake but it didn't last long.

Then today I was gone from morning until around 3 and I just stinkin' missed that little booger! Being away made me realize how much I need to stop rushing the little things like giving her a bath, feeding her, playing with her. I think I'm still stuck in the NOVA pace of life from time to time and I know one day I will look back and wish I could have little moments like these again. 

We are celebrating 6 months (almost 7 now) of being at Marlbrook. I praise God for His timing in bringing us here-it COULD NOT have been more perfect. We've seen God's protection and how He will bless if you keep doing what's right. Our people are special to us. I love how He prepared our hearts for such a sweet group of people. I'm proud of the wisdom God has given my husband and I PROUDLY follow him.