Mariah's 1st Birthday Party

We just got back from spending the week in NC with my parents. Unfortunately we came back with a sick little girl. Thursday she started running a fever, then she started getting sick on her stomach followed by a rash and a sore throat. Hopefully this is the end of it?? Her fever ended last night so hopefully so! We stayed home from church today and I have to tell you, I seriously REALLY missed not being there! But we went a year without any major sicknesses so I say hallelujah to that:)

Her party went just perfect! I was whooped afterwards though. I mean W.H.O.O.P.E.D. seriously. So glad she turns one only once in her life:) I did have fun planning it though. I am sick of Pinterest. LOL. Seriously I have made myself not go on there the past few days just because I'm so sick of my wheels turning in my head. I'm taking a break then it's on to what costume Mariah's going to wear for trunk-or-treat. I'm so pumped about that. When we were looking for a church I told Larry I hoped that wherever we went they did a "trunk-or-treat" and sure enough, our church does! I have a few ideas in my head of what Mariah's going to be but that's on hold for now. My house needs MAJOR attention!

So here's some pics, if you're friends with me on FB I have a lot more:) Everything was either ideas from Pinterest or made up:) Enjoy!

Birthday banner by "Uniquely Me" (on FB and Etsy). I had originally wanted this to hang where her big picture was but I didn't have the space so I had to break it up and put her name on the mirror... but it still looked just as good to me! Thanks Tiffany for my banner, it was perfect!

High chair banner also by "Uniquely Me"
 Mariah was born on my Pa's birthday so we had a little celebration for him too! Happy 83rd Birthday, Pa!

 My mom helped me so much with Mariah's party. I couldn't have pulled it off without her. It's difficult planning a party and having it in a different state but my mom was such a big help! Thank you Mom!


curtis03 Lewis said...

How cute first birthday bash it was. The theme seems really amazing and perfect for my own daughter’s upcoming birthday. She adores pink a lot so I am definitely going to copy your ideas for this party. I am planning to host this party at one of the rental party Venues in NYC. Hoping to have a great time!!