Our ONE Year Old!

I'm posting this a few days late:( But her party was a blast and I'll be posting pictures from it soon!

Happy Birthday Mariah Leigh! We love you with all of our hearts. We can't wait to party tomorrow at Poppa and Nonna's house! We pray every day that you will come to know the Lord as your personal Savior at an early age and that you will grow into a godly young lady! Bear with us as we are trying our best to raise you in a way that's honoring and pleasing in God's sight. We will make plenty of mistakes but know that we take don't take this responsibility lightly. You are truly a gift from God and we're so thankful you are ours!

 1 Month!
This was taken at our old home in Sterling, VA. You won't ever remember that house but one day we'll take you back so you can see where you use to live!

 2 Months!
This was actually taken in the chair at our new church! We hadn't accepted the call to go but we were candidating and little did we know God was leading us to a wonderful and special place where you would grow up!

 3 Months!
This was taken at Portrait Innovations on a beautiful but chilly day. We had little Jonah with us and you did a really good job at having your pictures taken! And Jonah was an angel too:)

 4 Months!
This was also taken at Portrait Innovations in Raleigh where Nonna & Poppa live! We stayed there while Daddy was on his last missions trip with Temple. We were SO excited because we were about to make the big move to Raphine, VA!

 5 Months!
This was your first "month" photo in our new home! Our house was still somewhat a disaster but we were so happy to be there and couldn't wait to watch you grow up in such a beautiful place.

 6 Months!
I just couldn't believe that you were already 6 months! It seem like we had been so busy time just snuck up on us! This was taken in our back yard with Aunt Samantha & Nonna helping! 

 7 Months!
This was a warm yet fun day taking your 7 month pictures. We went just down the road and took your pictures at the little lake by our house. 

 8 Months!
Here you are 8 months old. Wow! Here you are holding daddy's hand standing beside the church in your little tutu dress. Yes, Mommy's a nut for making you wear this but you sure did look cute:)

9 Months!
I look back and can't believe the difference between 9 months and 10 months. It seems like you hit a growth spurt-like your little baby face just disappeared. But you'll always be my baby girl!

 10 Months!
I think this one is my favorite. We took this really fast before heading over to church and your smile just lit the room. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours too:)

11 Months 
And this one just seemed like yesterday! Well it wasn't that long ago. This one we had taken at the Portrait Innovations in Roanoke with Aunt Samantha! You did SUCH a great job at smiling in all of your photos it made it difficult for me to pick which ones I wanted! I wanted all of them!

12 Months!
Although these past 12 months I have put you through misery in taking so many pictures, I don't regret a one of them. You are always so patient and sometimes so funny when I'm taking them. I make you sit in some weird stuff, wear some fluffy things but you always just go right along with it! I love you, Mariah Leigh. Happy Birthday!

And many, many more to come-pictures:) (and birthdays!)