Back Burner...

 I thought about how long it's been since I've blogged-honestly I've been putting any and all my free time into photography. I absolutely LOVE and enjoy it. So a lot of other "extra" things are going on the back burner and I'm perfectly fine with that! 

We are ready for Christmas-way ready! So ready that, well, I'm contemplating taking my Christmas stuff down before we leave for NC so I don't have to dread coming home and taking it down. I love my Christmas decor, but it's time to put it away! I see on some blogs people are still working on theirs  and  I'm thinking "really people???!!" by now I wouldn't even mess with it!  We are excited about Christmas though and spending it with my family. 

I keep meaning to post a pic of my tree. I PROMISE to do it tomorrow! Until then, here's a few pics I've taken recently of Mariah. She's such a sweet thing! She's doing great, growing up so much. She took her first steps today and we are SO proud of her. She's pure joy in our lives. Such a blessing from the Lord. We enjoy every minute with her. She's becoming quite a little lady. I'm amazed at how fast she picks up on things like brushing her teeth, combing her hair etc. Time is going too fast! It's time for another baby in the house:) LOL!!

 I took Mariah and we went up on the mountain to the Blue Ridge Pkwy where there are several Christmas tree farms. They weren't "open" which for me it worked out perfectly, we just ran over there and snapped a few pics and left. We had fun although it was FREEZING-she was a good sport though. 

After bath time-she's so sweet.