Oh Christmas Tree

 So here's my Christmas tree! I'll tell ya how it ended up like this.... one. ornament. at. a. time. I hadn't planned on going this far-as a matter of fact, I started with simply red and silver glitter balls-AND THAT'S IT!! But I went to the dollar store and stopped by the Christmas section just to "browse" and it was all over after that. It was down hill from then on. 

See the little snowmen on there? Those are the little guys that got me in trouble. Anyways, I'm VERY pleased with how it turned out. I have ornaments from about every store within an hour of me LOL! But for this year, it's done! 

My favorite part about the tree??? HMMMM it's the black on it. To me it just makes the tree pop, now it's kinda hard to see the black in the picture and you would have to see it in person to understand what I'm talking about. I like how the black adds "depth" to it if you would call it that??

This is a little edited version to make the lights pop out. Next year I'm going to add lights to the tree but I didn't want to mess with it this year. I LOVE my tree, it's absolutely the prettiest I've seen (not trying to be boastful, just honest:) .

And I might add a few ornaments too-NEXT YEAR:)