Cherry Tree

We are back for just a short time. We all got back together on Saturday-Larry from Florida with the kids at PCC's camp and Mariah and me from my parents in NC. We had such a great time and Larry and the kids LOVED camp. It was the first year they went there. We literally shopped every day while we were in NC. It was so fun! Mariah was such a trooper. This week we leave to take our kids to Belize. It's their first missions trip they've ever taken here at Marlbrook so we are super excited. Back in 2008 we went to Belize with a group from our previous church and really enjoyed it. Here's the kicker, the house we're staying in is on the beach. AHHHH beautiful! We're excited to be helping a missionary couple while we're down there. 

So we've lived here for almost a year and a half and I just realized one of our trees is actually a cherry tree! So the funny thing is, growing up our neighbor had a cherry tree and every time they would go out of town I would go and steal some cherries off of their tree. hehehe ooops! They were so good though! And now I have my own. So two weeks ago before we left for NC we picked what we could and boy were they good! 

 I'm pretty sure Mariah liked them more than me:)