Halfway There!

Time is passing so quickly! Tomorrow morning we find out what we're having!! I still have no preference-either way I'll be just as happy!

So far I'm up to 112lbs and I feel GREAT! I work my tail off every morning before Mariah gets up trying to keep my weight down and so far, it's worked. Some days if I feel like squeezing in another workout I do. I'm trying to stay within the 20-25lb mark because I feel so much better around that range. 

We're starting in the next couple of weeks turning our basement into two bedrooms and a bathroom but also keeping the man cave for Larry's sake:)

Next month we'll finally be getting around to going on vacation. We are going to the Destin, FL area with my parents for a little over a week then it's back into full swing of things here! It's going to be nice getting to spend that length of time with my family. Can you believe it's August already?? I can't! We're going to celebrate Mariah's birthday while we're there since it's pretty close. We had to get in our vacation before she turns 2 so she could still fly free:)

A couple of weeks ago we went to Charlottesville and went apple picking. We had two things going against us-Mariah had a double ear infection and it stormed like a beast on the way up there. But we had a lot of much fun! Larry managed to squeeze a smile out of her:)