Family Shot

My inlaws are here in town for two weeks canning up our garden! So far my mother-in-law has canned over 105 quarts of green beans!! Wowza. So I had my mother-in-law snap this pic for us yesterday right after church. You can see my hair. I absolutely love it! The color is just what I wanted!! FINALLY!! This was the best we could do considering it was Mariah's nap time-see what I mean?? Nice picture blooper

 She's been running a fever since Thursday night so she's been pretty sleepy and not feeling well. Finally this morning she woke up fever free!

So I think we're through our busy summer. VBS was crazy last week. Our biggest night we had 141 kids. Such a blessing. We had such a great time!!

I don't remember the last night we didn't have anything to do. Tonight Larry has a deacon's meeting but we're at home making blackberry jelly. So I have a free night:)

In this pic I'm 18 weeks. Pregnant! So hard to believe I'm almost half way there!!!


Daniel and Sara said...

Mariah is getting SO big! Can't believe you are almost halfway through this pregnancy! So exciting! Praise the Lord for blessing your VBS!