30 Weeks

So we've made it to the 30's! It's so hard to believe. I imagined this little guy coming sooner but I'm so glad he's decided to stay snug a while. We're praying he stays until week 36 but 37 would be GREAT! 

I have my maternity/family pictures scheduled for Nov. 9th. Yesterday I got to do a little shopping and I found the outfit I'm going to wear-let's just hope I don't "outgrow" it because technically, it's not maternity. I had in my mind all along what I wanted and I finally found it. Larry's mom is staying with us right now and she wanted to find a few winter tops so I got lucky with finding mine! So then I came home ordered Mariah's and Larry's and now we're all set!

My next appt. is a week from Monday!