Happily Ever After...

We started our trip off on Thursday morning. Drove down to Orlando and got there Thursday night. Friday was just a nice not-a lot-we-gotta-do day! I had fun going out with my MIL. Saturday morning we got up, stopped by to see the puppies and then headed to the rehearsal at 9:00 a.m. in Tampa. We have known Darren for 5 years and he was also in our wedding. When Larry was working in the youth group, Darren was a senior in high school. They have since become really close and he is now our Jr. High youth pastor.

My handsome husband! It was killing him having to wear a pink flower. Larry DOES NOT DO PINK AT ALL!!

Their wedding was beautiful. They had their reception at her grandparent's house on the lake and it was beautiful! After the rehearsal that morning, we went back to the grandparent's house for brunch and then off to work we went! I thought we would have time to kill at the mall since the wedding wasn't until 7:00 that night but we ended up setting up for the reception. I did the tables while the guys did the lights!

My camera died during the wedding so no pics during the wedding or the reception! But you get the idea!

EXPLANATION: You may wonder why in most of these pictures my hair is pulled back-and probably most of you won't wonder but Florida weather is a bit challenging on the hair so the easiest thing for me to do is pull it back... hope you enjoyed that little information!