Wright-Party of Four!

I have so much to post about so what I thought I would do instead of one long post is I'll just post each day something we did on our trip! We had a great time and I can't wait to show more pictures this week! I'm trying to cut back on length of my postings so you're not having to read so much!! How did I do for my first one?? LOL!

Now.... onto better stuff. We are now a family of four! Here is our new addition!!

Meet Sierra! She is a 9 week old yorkie and she comes with TONS of energy!
This was our first time seeing her... we found (bought) her in Florida.

Can't wait to get a bow in that hair!! I'm going to go nuts!

It is definitely different having two dogs! I guess it's preparing me for kids.

Sister love... poor Sedona, she's one big chew toy for Sierra! But we're working on fixing that!

Learning to walk on a leash...

We actually brought home two girls. One for us and one for someone else...
Unfortunately for ya'll, I have much more pics to come. My battery died and I didn't have my charger so I borrowed Tammy's battery until that died then borrowed Jenny's camera so I gotta get those!

Now I gotta catch up on all of ya'll's posts! I can't wait to see what all I missed last week...

It's good to be back blogging!