A Mini Post...

Isn't this ADORABLE! I've gotten to spend some time with this sweet little Braelyn!

It's Wednesday and it's been killing me not to post! Every day we have been doing something and it's been busy! I'll save all that we have been doing for when I can post my pictures, but I did manage to steal a couple from Tammy. Yesterday was my big day at Disney! Larry and I had A LOT of fun-pictures to come!

Today we are going to go to the beach and maybe take Sedona......hmmmm not sure, we'll see-that would mean I would probably end up getting SAND IN MY CAR!
And here we are again fighting to get a picture like she always does!

I cannot wait to post my next one... hopefully it'll be my special little announcement! More to come!


T said...

The cutest baby girl in the world.