Lovin' Sierra...

So, do you wonder how Sedona is handling her new sister? I'm going to get a video of them playing together, they crack us up! But Sedona is still a bit jealous but just so you know, we do not favor one over the other, one just requires more attention in certain areas...

She loves Sedona's toys which are twice are size.

"Sierra, NO!"
"Sierra, find a "spot" -do your thang
"Sierra, don't bite!"
"Sierra, NO!"
"NO! Sierra"
"Sierra, quit!"
"Sierra, no no no!" Oh too late! Didn't make it outside in time...
"Sierra, don't bite Sedona"
"Sedona, get Sierra out of your mouth!" (she doesn't hurt her though!)
"Sierra, don't bite my hand"
"Sedona, don't body slam your sister"
"Sedona, get off of Sierra"

I wouldn't send her back for nothin'!

They're loads of fun!!

I'm telling your, it's like raising a toddler!


T said...

Oh I so wish we could have seen her while you guys were here. She is so stinkin cute.

The Vernon's said...

Your new puppy is so cute! But beware!.. you get a second puppy and a kid comes next! ;o)

Can you email me, so I can email you my address? I don't have your email and I'm a little wary of posting it on here.

Thanks!! I hope you're doing well! Love ya!