Honest Scrap Award...

Here are the rules:

1. Must thank the person who gave you the award and list their blog and link it.

2. Share "10 Honest things" about yourself.
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4. Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

Okay, here are mine!

1. This awarded was given to me by Jenny, my SIL. The first time I met Jenny was 2 days before Larry and I were married! Yep that's right, I didn't meet any of his family except for his parents until then. But I knew I would love her anyways with what all Larry had said about her! Jenny's love for Christ is so evident in her life and to me, that's what makes a great Christian. I always enjoy being around her and watching how well she trains her 5 (soon to be more, right?) kiddos. I have learned a lot from Jenny although we are many miles away. When we do get to see each other, it's like we've never missed a day without talking! Thanks Jenny for being such a great SIL! Can't wait to see you in just a couple of days!!!!

2. My "ten honest" things. This will be interesting trying to come up with something ya'll don't already know...

a. I am OBSESSED with food but even more obsessed with not letting it show. People say all the time "how can you eat all that and still stay so little." If truth be told, I don't eat like a normal human being. Meaning, I don't eat the healthiest stuff but I am working on that. I eat the strangest things, I have the strangest cravings and I'm not even pregnant. When we were snowed in the other day, we ran to the store (yea we were really "snowed in" ha!) and I wanted Cream of Wheat and Ice Cream. Yep, WEIRD, I know. My mom use to make us Cream of Wheat all the time and I haven't had any in years, so I got some and had me a big ol' bowl and I was satisfied-and yes, I did eat ice cream first. I think about food all day and everyday, and I'm not kidding. If we are going to go grab a bite to eat, I get REALLY excited just because it's food. Really! I can't explain it, that's just me-I have a problem! ("Hi, my name is Kara and I have an obsession with food"-"hi Kara")

b. I am ready to have a baby... enough said there! (it will still be a while though!)

c. I become a kid at Christmas. This is probably the one time I can really tell there is a 7 year age gap between Larry and I. I still love and HAVE to watch Rudolph every year and if I'm not home to watch it, we record it. I can't wait to have this much fun with our kids at Christmas. I'm going to wrap christmas tree lights around them and make them sleep in them! They are going to love SANTA. Larry downloaded Charlie Brown Christmas for me to watch on our way to Florida this week... a bit embarrassing but I'm being HONEST.

d. I'm copying this one from Jenny only because I started doing this after she told me-I color coordinate my clothes. I had never heard of that before Jenny told me but I tried it a couple of years ago and have been doing it eversince. It helps me with my outfits crisis each morning.

e. I'm obsessed with shopping. As I have gotten married, I have gotten even worse. I enjoy looking for good deals. My motto is "quantity" not really "quality" or "namebrand." If I like it, I buy it. I love having the variety.

f. The previous one leads me to this note-I have two closets full of clothes. Does it count that Larry uses half of one of them?? Anybody wanna go shopping with me!??

g. I LOVE sending notes to people. I love encouraging people simply because I know how much it encourages me to get a note from someone. I think it's important to encourage and pray for your friends and family so I have tried to get better at that.

h. My husband wants to use Bible names for our kids. Now, this one we're are having to work on because there are NO Bible names that I like for a girl-they are all too common and I don't want to use common names. But!! I already have a boys name picked out and most of you have probably never heard it-maybe you have, who knows! It's is a VERY COOL name and it's very "mocho!"
i. I will have a hard time giving my job to someone else-although there will come a day I will have to hand over the key. Okay, let me explain. I love my job, it's gets crazy during certain times of the year. But, I love being with my husband every day, all day-no we don't feel like killing each other! I love the fact that I can just get up, walk accross the hall and see him... I will miss that when I stay home-but I'll just skype him!!! Ha ha ha-he'll never be able to get away from me.

j. We are going Christmas shopping tonight and even after Christmas. Nope! I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet. As a matter of fact, I haven't even finished half of it yet. We will do some tonight (while eating at the mall-mmm mmm good!) and do the rest in Orlando before and after Christmas. It's just so much more fun doing it that way.

3. Okay, Here are my 7 people that I've awarded!
1. Kellan Vernon
2. Stefanie Trantham
3. Michelle Weston
4. Heidi Weible
5.Sarah Labiosa
6. Ashley Cox
7. Amber Cox


Lauren said...

Hi Kara! Did you see on my blog?? You won the giveaway!! Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address so that I can arrange to have Warden Graphics ship the hand painted tile to you. To email me, please go to: http://greenfamily.net/contact.aspx

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again for participating!!

Happy Holidays!


The Wagner Family said...

AWWW! Thanks, Kara for those sweet words. We are definitely blessed to have you as part of our family!! Just wish you lived here so we could see each other more often!