Christmas Eve...

Like I said, one thing I really enjoy is wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. Yeah, Larry and I really procrastinate, we work better that way.

Another thing we do is we all hop in the back of Larry's dad's truck and drive around looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols-you can do this in FL with the nice weather. I had on shorts and a coat and it was PERFECT!

Braelyn rode inside the truck... I LOVE the expression on her face...hmmm wonder who she looks like more in this picture-mom or DAD????!!

Check out Larry in the background... perfect timing-what a goon.

Adam, you look just alike... belly and all!

We stopped at this house that had thousands and thousand of lights. I have never seen anything like this. It takes them 3 weeks to put it all up. Wow!

Love and miss these kiddos!


Tammy said...

We miss you a whole bunch too. Hope we get to see you soon......