Our attempt to get a half-way decent family photo
Well, in all the prep that Larry has been doing for their PNG trip, I couldn't help but start thinking of things I need to get done while he is gone. I remember last year saying that I would really deep clean the house and well... that didn't get done. I would like for that to happen but I can't make any promises. One thing I really WANT to do is attack the closet in our guest bedroom and well, the bed too. Since we have been back from break the bed has gotten this mountain pile of clothes and I'm not sure I can find anything. I'm in desperate need of hangers and I just need to go buy more.

The closet in our guest bedroom was little and it had a smaller door in it that went into this small little closet which had no light. So last summer Larry knocked out the wall and made it one big walk-in closet. It's good for many things.
My closet in our room is about to bust on my side. Let's just say my purses no longer fit after Christmas. So my goal is to rearrange the closet to where I can just walk in and grab something and go and make it very organized. I'll try and take a before and after pictures... only if I'm ok with how it turned out.
Here's a few more pics from Christmas...

Sedona is honestly the best dog... Sierra... well we won't go there today. I think Sedona's my mom's favorit... can you tell??

I usually get my mom clothes, shoes, or jewelry for Christmas but this year I decided to do something different. After my greatgrandmother passed away, my mom inherited a BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture, had it refinished and it's now in the kitchen. Well, I thought some of these things would look good on it.

I love my Mama!!