I gotta show you the hair flowers my SIL Tammy has been making. We have decided that if the Lord ever leads us down there one day to FL that we would start our own little business... she would make the bows and flowers and I would make the holders! I told her she needs to sell these bad boys on Ebay! I thought they looked ADORABLE! Just makes we wanna have a little girl even more!

Her little model... wonder how much she gets paid to do this? :)


Mom said...

where did she find the flowers?? I tried to find some for Lexie's little hats but couldn't find any.
The flowers are so cute - great job!!

Tammy said...

Those are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen...!!!

Ashley said...

Found your blog from Kelly's Korner!

I have a 5 month old little girl & I am totally obsessed with flowers & hairbows. Your SIL should do an etsy shop because I woul DEF buy a few {we have over 70-ha!}

I'm a new follower, too!

Wendy said...

I saw a Facebook group of someone who makes these. The FB group is called BowYouTeaFul Boutique. They have the price list in their "info" section if you want to see how much they ask for each one.