My Surprise...

We had talked about for weeks going to dinner at Clyde's-one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our anniversary. So we hopped in the car after work and headed the opposite direction. Then I thought, we must be going to the other one. Then we just kept going and going and 4 hours later and some Cracker Barrel for supper, we ended up at the Omni Hotel in Williamsburg. I had NO CLUE. He's good like that, just like he did on our honeymoon. All a surprise. Kenneth took Sedona to his house and Sierra to the Bennetts. Thanks ya'll!

We're here celebrating our anniversary for the next two days and I'm going to enjoy every minute. I love surprises! I'll take lots of photos tomorrow post more.

Yes, Larry ran home during work and packed all of our stuff and he didn't forget a thing for me-except my retainer LOL! Oh well, I don't mind coming back home with a large gap in my teeth! LOL!

Pictures are a little rough but here's what I got for tonight!


Mom said...

What a great surprise!! Enjoy the weekend!

Sara said...

Aww what a sweetie! I just can't get over that you still wear your retainer! lol Good for you!