Just Enjoying Life :)

Just a fun picture of us. I was wanting to use this as our Christmas card picture but I want the dogs in it and well, we couldn't bring them up in the church :)

I've tried to slow life down a little bit. Tried not to be so busy and just enjoy this Christmas season going out with my friends, furniture shopping and mall :) shopping with Larry. Every year it seems to fly by!! So I've slowed down a little with life... sometimes it's just not worth being so busy, doing every little thing, being every place all at the same time and I have to say, it's been GREAT. I feel like my old self from before I actually even came here! Being here isn't bad... no that's not what I'm saying AT ALL! We love it here. But my job upstairs kept me busy 24/7 and I never realized how busy and crazy I was!
My parents and grandparents are coming in for a quick visit tonight. They're touring the White House tomorrow with my brother. He gets tickets every year at this time and he can take 4 people. Larry and I are hoping to do the Christmas tour next year with his parents since I won't be working anymore. Wednesdays are just the worst days to try and get away since we have church in the evenings.
I'm just so grateful for our families... it's easy to take them for granted and I'm just so thankful we have the BEST family!
We haven't really heard anything on our townhouse. We read the other day that it could take up to 6 months uhhHHH LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!!!WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It took my brother 4 months... so I guess it isn't all that bad! We know that the bank has reviewed our contract because they asked for a more "clean" copy TODAY. The copy that we signed originally was done in FL while on Thanksgiving break and it was scanned and printed several times... so we sent a new one in today! YAY! Hopefully the fact that they're even wanting to read the thing is a good sign :) Who knows!

So!!!!! Hopefully we'll be able to have Roddy & Jenny and ALL 9 of their kids in our house one day! Right Jenny:)


Ashley said...

Love the pic of you and your Hubby!

Wendy said...

Life "crazy" in your old job???? NEVER! LOL Enjoy your Christmas!! :-)

Kara Wright said...

LOL only you know what that's like :)