Pregnancy Crisis Center

Ever since Mariah has entered our little family I have had such a burden for teens and young ladies who  consider having an abortion. Once you've carried a sweet little baby for 9 months (or less), felt every punch, kick and hiccup it's hard to fathom how anyone can even entertain the thought of killing their unborn child.

A few months back Larry got an email from a couple who has two Comfortcare centers in the area and were getting volunteers to help start a third one in Lexington. Comfortcare is a pregnancy crisis center that encourages any young girl or lady that comes in to keep their baby and also provides spiritual and mental counseling.  Most importantly they are given the gospel. Last year at one of the centers they saw 20 girls saved! encouraged to keep the baby. So when Larry told me about this opportunity I jumped all over it! I was SO excited. 
Here is the building when it was up for rent. It has come a long way since this picture!

They had rented out an old building which is close by VMI and Washington & Lee University and it needed a lot of work inside. So, with my dad being an electrician, he and Kenneth came up one weekend, and our summer intern, Jordan and Larry went and did all the electrical work required.  Larry has been back since a few times working on finishing up little odds and end. 

When I was talking to the ones in charge of it, I asked her "don't you just want to tell every girl who walks through that door 'look, have the baby, I'll adopt it!'" She said "yep!" I know I would! So we are looking forward to it opening here soon in October. I'm planning on volunteering and helping out in any way I can. I would love for me and Mariah to be an encouragement to these girls. I think sometimes it helps just seeing a baby and how special children are don't you? 

You can go to their website and check it out. I encourage you to. There are testimonials on there from women who considered abortion but went to a Comfortcare where they got the help they needed. 

Larry and I are thrilled that since we have been here how we have had opportunities to finally do the things that make an eternal difference through LOVING people and REACHING the World.