Tell Me Your Thoughts!

We enjoy getting to eat lunch with Larry everyday. Some days he'll come home for lunch and other days we'll go to his office for lunch! Either way, we sure do have fun and getting to spend that time as  a family. 

Ok so I have a loaded question. I ask this because I think we can learn a lot from other people, and what you may get from reading God's Word, also I think it's interesting what others think, not just me!

So here it is:
What do you think the role of a pastor's wife should be? Larry and I have discussed this topic off and on in our 6 years of being married. I'd love to see what you think and if you have any Scripture to back it up. If not, it's ok, I'd still love to hear what your thought are! 

Feel free to leave your comments on here or on FB, it's all up to you!

And who knows... maybe I'll tell you my thoughts and beliefs!


Unknown said...

Humm - I think the role of the Pastor's wife should be the same as any wife: to positively support your husband (who's role should be to accomplish God's goals for your home/life) in whatever way possible. Part of the whole "one accord" thing ;-).

I think if you pray as a family on the role/direction of your family, God will give you the vision to follow. As a Pastor/wife, you find your niche in various ways, using the talents the Lord has blessed you with.

I don't think there's any "set" role as we are all blessed with different talents. I think the goal/role is to positively support him/your family in whatever possible. :-\ ((make sense??))

I'm at work (single mom role ;-)). I'll check the Word for references and let you know.

Michelle said...

I have wanted to reply for a while! But I'm not sure why I haven't. Maybe because I feel my answer isn't very impressive.

But when Mike and I were dating and he told me he wanted to plant churches someday, I freaked out! Because I have never seen myself as a pastor's wife (I still don't).

However, through LOTS of prayer and studying, the Lord has been very clear in my life on this topic.

The main "role" of a pastor's wife is the same for ANY wife. To glorify God and to be a helpmeet to her husband. And, if she has children, to be a good mom and raise them to love/serve God.

That's it.

And we are to serve in the church just like anyone else: using our spiritual gifts to glorify God for the furtherence of His kingdom.

I would say my scripture reference would be Titus 2:3-5.

But there is no "scripture" outlining the role of "pastor's wife" in the Bible. But there is PLENTY on being a servant of God/good wife/good mom.

Basically, give God first place in your life. And then you will "fulfill" your "role" very adequately. (in spite of what any one else "thinks" God wants you to do or not do...respectively, of course.)

Michell408 said...

Of course your role is to support your husband and care for your daughter as your top priorities. Perhaps what you are really asking is "what do people expect from a Pastor's wife?" Like are you expected to play the piano, sing special music, be the nursery manager and ever present sub, teach Sunday School, have church members over for Sunday lunch every Sunday, babysit people's kids for free all the time, lead a ladies Bible study, decorate the church, clean the church and be beautiful, kind, loving, and gracious all the time, etc. Lots of people have unvoiced opinions (until you fail to meet those expectations!)that you never know about. You can't please everybody and there is no reason to do everything and burnout early. Pray for wisdom to know where to concentrate your energy and time.