Things to Come

Sick Little One
I'm sitting here in a daze at my computer, I'm pretty pooped. We've have a busy last few days. Saturday we had a work day at the church. They sometimes have them for just the men and other times it's for the men and women. Well my friends and I had planned on going out for breakfast and shopping until I found out it was for the women too... I was bummed but that's ok, we got a lot done:) The new teen room is looking good guys!! Then Saturday night Mariah somehow came down with a cold and a fever-thankfully whenever she gets that (which has only been twice) it's a 24 hour deal. So I can't complain about that! She woke up yesterday morning with a fever, she was pretty pitiful:( It makes me sad when she's sick but I love how "clingy" she is and lets me hold her!

As the months are just flying by I can't believe we're going to blink and it'll be Christmas! Phew! Crazy huh? I'm about 70% done planning her birthday party-I'm done planning I just have to finish it:) I look back at pictures and can't believe how fast she's grown up. All new moms and moms to be... enjoy EVERY MINUTE. They don't stay small long at all. But I am excited that we're just getting started:) If the Lord blesses us with more... BRING IT ON!!!! I love that little girl of ours!

This picture of her sleeping was taken a few weeks ago, I was in the middle of feeding her and all of a sudden, she zonked out. It was so funny:)

Yesterday was a INCREDIBLE day in God's house. We had 22 cadets from Virginia Military Institute come-how awesome is that??! I just love that we have 18 year old "kids" that want to serve our country. We love our military and appreciate the sacrifice they make and boy it's a big one as well as their families. They are good kids and we look forward to seeing them grow spiritually. That's what we are here for, to help them spiritually. 

Book Club
Larry and I started a couple of weeks ago a "book club"... I use to laugh at this but I'm actually enjoying it. We have started reading a chapter in a book every week on our own then on Tuesday nights, we sit down after Mariah has gone to bed and discuss what we read. We are reading "How to Reach Your Full Potential for God" by Charles Stanley. He's an excellent writer. We enjoy listening to his son, Andy Stanley preach online. He's got great messages that deal with your day to day struggles that you may have in life. He says so many things and I'm like "yea! I do think that sometimes" LOL and I wonder if he's been living in my house:) He's real and so genuine and I like that about him. But I encourage you to read that book, it's a big help to me I think you'll enjoy it.

Mariah's Friend
Starting next week I am going to keep a little girl, Kaci. Her family is new in our church and her mom asked if I knew of anyone in our church who could keep her one day a week. I gave her some names of people who have a daycare at home but none of them seemed to work out for her. Then I thought "why don't I do it?" I can handle with our schedule one day a week. Mondays I usually stay home and get things done around the house anyways! Mariah loves playing with her in the nursery and I think they're going to be best buds:) 

iPhone 5
So who all our there is like us and waiting for the big "reveal" of the iPhone 5?? WE ARE!!!!!!! I'm hoping it's Sept. 15th like they're all saying:) We're waiting to see if we like it before we renew our phone contracts. 

Ok so that's a wrap up of what's going on here in the booming town of Raphine...and we're still loving life!


Anonymous said...

I know isn't it crazy how fast they grow!!!!

I am waiting for the reveal of the iPhone5 as well.... it needs to hurry up because my phone is shot!